Rodger Bailey, MS
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Developer and Lead Coach

Rodger Bailey, MS, Timing Training Developer and Lead Coach

Rodger Bailey, MS, Developer and Lead Coach of the T-TOG™ Timing Training.

I'm Rodger Bailey, MS. I have been working in the field of brain function and behavior since the late '70s and specializing in timing testing and timing training since 2001. I developed this training program, I'm the Lead Coach, and I certify all other trainers who coach your testing and training experience on this site.

The services provided on this membership site are provided one-to-one using Skype sessions, live over the Internet. Each session is typically 50-60 minutes duration and your coach is online with you, watching, listening, and guiding your execution of the training exercises and answering your questions for that session.

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This Timing Training
Membership Program

Membership Progression: This site is a membership training site. If you are not yet a member, you can only register for the Testing & Consultation Session. After that session, you can register for the Basic Training package. After you finish that basic program, you can register for the Advanced Training package or for the Tune-Up Training package as needed.

Membership Registration Process: When you click on the link to register, you will be taken to PayPal to pay for your package (for some packages, payment plans are available), we may ask you to enter some personal information, and you can choose your appointment dates and times from our interactive calendar (we know that you are busy, so your calendar page is always available for you to modify as needed). After all this, you will receive an email with any special instructions you will need to get started with our programs.

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This Program's Prerequisites

These prerequisites may seem a little overwhelming, but for this training to work in giving you world-class timing and rhythm, we need to re-create the characteristics of the timing training sessions I have been doing with hundreds of people since early 2001. When I'm delivering these sessions in my office, I can see you perform the exercises and provide you with corrections for your form and your timing of these exercises.

In a Skype video conference call, I have to see and hear the same way it has been happening for those thousands of sessions I've delivered before. So, the following is a list of things you will have to have in place for these sessions to be successful.

  • All sessions of all programs on this site require that you have Broadband Internet access (this means that your Internet connection needs to be able to handle live video calls so that the sound and video does not break up).
  • And, you need to have a Skype account (this is a free service with free software which permits your trainer and you to have free video conference calls) and you need to have installed Skype on your computer and on your smartphone as well.
  • You need to be able to download and play mp3 files supplied by us for use during your training sessions. You need to be able to play these mp3 files (as requested by your timing coach) on a device which not being used for the Skype call. In other words, if you have the Skype conference call on your computer, you would need to have the mp3 play separately on your smartphone.
  • For Training sessions, you need to be able to set up the video camera for your Skype call, so that your timing coach can see your whole body (head to toe), while you are performing the exercises of the session. The training sessions do not require that you walk or otherwise move around the room. But, you will be moving your arms and legs and the video camera needs to capture all your movements.
  • For the Testing & Consultation session, your timing coach will need to have a side view of you, sitting at your computer, taking the online timing test.
  • All of these prerequisites will be sent to you when you register for the Testing and Consultation Session and when you register for the Basic Training program, so you can be prepared for your session.

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