Timing Training Program Options

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gold divider 04Testing & Consultation Session

Our Testing & Consultation Session is an initial, single session to teach new members how to take the timing test correctly, to complete the initial timing test, and to go over the results of that test. In this session new members learn the nature of their timing challenges and decide on their timing training and rhythm goals and establishing their next steps for improving their athletic performance to the level they want to achieve.

One Session: $900

gold divider 04Basic Training

Our Basic Training is a 12-session package, which is usually enough sessions for seasoned athletes to achieve their timing goals established in the prerequisite Testing & Consultation Session. In each session, members perform the timing test to establish their timing baseline for that session. This test data is also used to track members' progress through all training programs available on this site.
(Flexible payment plans available)

gold divider 04Advanced Training

Our Advanced Training is a 6-session package for graduates of our Basic Training program. This package is used to improve or fine-tune the member's timing after having performed their sport for some months since graduating from the Basic Training program. Sometimes referred to as the Rehab Training, this package also re-establishes the highest level of timing and performance after injury, surgery, or illness.
(Flexible payment plans available)

gold divider 04Tune-Up Training

Our Tune-Up Training is a 4-session package for graduates of the Basic Training program. For an athlete who wants a quick tune-up before the season starts, this program is an intensive reminder to the brain and body how to optimize coordination and stabilize the highest levels of performance.
(Flexible payment plans available)

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