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If you are ready to perform at the highest levels of your sport or business, you need to take this one-of-a-kind precision timing training program, so you develop flawless timing, which reduces mistakes in your game, and which you maintain for as long as you wish. Every top performer in sport and in business already has very high levels of timing.

With our online timing training program you can match or surpass their performance. Are you ready to take your game to that level?

Introducing An Exclusive, Unique
Individually Tailored,
Timing Training Program.

This is a program you can take on your own schedule and without traveling. You work one-to-one with an experienced timing coach, who has improved the timing and rhythm of hundreds of people. This program lets you take advantage of cutting edge training methods by using video conference calls with your coach.

In this program, you measure your timing training progress in each session to track how your timing improves. Our state-of-the-art testing provides you and your timing coach with the most up-to-date information about how this program is improving your game. You can continue your training program, until you obtain the levels of timing you desire.

gold divider 02Does Timing Training Actually Improve Your Game?

soccerRecent research shows significant golf performance improvement by taking a timing training program (another article about the same research).

Timing Training Cases

  • At least one PGA Money List star completed a timing training program, which boosted his game all the way to Number One.
  • An experienced NFL player, who had been let go by his team took our timing training to improve his performance in the 2015 NFL Veterans Combine. He performed at the top of his group and one of the NFL.COM commentators who had played with him on the same team for a couple of years, said that he had never seen this player perform so well.
  • One MLB 3rd-baseman used our timing training to boost his flagging batting average from around 200 to over 250, so he would be picked up in free agency. He got a 3-year deal with another team for $15 million.
  • One lawyer took our timing training to improve his focus in the office. His tennis performance improved so much that he won his country's national tennis tournament and the prize was a trip to the French Open at Roland Garros, in Paris.
  • An accountant took our timing training to improve her focus at her work. She is a recreational runner who has run 5 kilometers, three times per week for years. Without trying to run faster, she shaved minutes off her run with this training.
  • A police Lieutenant had always experienced difficulty passing his annual weapons qualifications. It usually took him 3 to 4 attempts to pass the 80% threshold needed for passing. After his timing training with us, he passed his first attempt with a 98%.
  • A university student in the USA was on the football team, but was unable to suit up for games, because he could not pass the playbook test and his 40-yard sprint times were too slow. After two years in this situation, he took our timing training during his Summer vacation. When he returned to school, he passed the 40-yard sprint with flying colors. Also, he made a perfect score on the playbook test.
  • A California high school student wanted to improve her volleyball play, so she took our timing training program. Her game improved, her team improved, and when she graduated, she received a full-ride volleyball scholarship to an Ivy League university.
  • One amateur scratch golfer, who had been away from golf for years, wanted to return to his tournament winning level. With our timing training program, he returned and won his most recent national amateur tournament by 4 strokes.

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gold divider 04How Can Our Timing Training Improve Your Game?

tennisTiming and rhythm are actually brain mechanisms that dictate your movements, coordination, and "flow." And, when your timing is off, even slightly, mistakes happen in your game. But now, with our online timing training, you can actually re-train those mechanisms in the brain to achieve the highest levels of timing, so you can eliminate those performance mistakes. No more glitches.

During this online timing training program, you’ll see your timing test results and your game improve.

green dividerA New And Improved Way Of Maintaining Good Timing.

water poloAfter more than 14 years of focusing on improving timing and rhythm in one-to-one timing training, we have now identified various factors which knock your timing off and you'll be surprised at what some of these are.

We’ll help you achieve the highest levels of timing and rhythm and we can show you how to keep it!

Sports Coaches Rarely Provide
Timing Training.

Our timing training is an individualized training and requires specialized preparation. The professional coach where you play your sport is usually not prepared to fine-tune your timing. If the staff had a specialist who undertakes timing training, you would certainly have heard about it by now.

Scheduling Your Online Timing Training Sessions.

baseballIn this personalized, unique, exclusive online timing training program, you can schedule your timing training sessions when you want them. You can attend sessions at home, on the road, and even during slack time in your office.

Since we can only handle a limited number of trainees at any one time, we have to limit the number of people that can train with us.

Yes, our timing training course is expensive, but once you see the miraculous improvement in your game you get from your personalized training, the enrollment fee will be unimportant.

You WILL be at the Top of Your Game.
You WILL be capable of making Top Money!

If you want to get into our next class to be sure you rise to the top of your game, click here sign up for our Initial Test and Consultation. We will help you learn where your glitch is and map out a program to help you fix it.

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