Vijay Singh Timing Training Experience

Vijay Singh Timing Training Experience

Here is what you want to know about Vijay Singh Timing Training Experience. In 2002, Vijay Singh took a timing training program. For the five years before that, he had been staying in the top 5 of the PGA Money List for 5 years. His actual winnings increased every year during that period, but he seems to be attracted to new kinds of equipment and training, so he tried that timing training as part of his ongoing search for something better.

Well, the Vijay Singh timing training did exactly what he wanted it to do. He started 2003 with dramatically improved performance and had 4 PGA Tournament wins and 18 top-10 finishes for the year. He edged out Tiger Woods that year on the PGA Money List by $900K.

2004 was even better with 9 PGA Tournament wins and (again like 2003) 18 top-10 finishes for the year.

The Vijay Singh timing training certainly raised his profile, his earnings, and of course, the quality of his play.

Vijay Singh Timing Training

If you will look at the chart, you will see that Vijay had 4 years with exceptional play on the PGA tour. But, you can see that in 2006 and 2007, his production dropped as he started to have health problems.

He recovered somewhat (at least on the PGA Money List) in 2008, but in 2009 his PGA earnings dropped off significantly, again. He has been plagued by health issues over the more recent years, and he seems to be focusing on the Senior Tour, where earnings are lower.

Recovery From Health Issues

An important thing for you to know is that you need to re-visit your timing training as you recover from illness, injury, and surgery. What we saw with the Vijay Singh timing training experience is a program which fine-tunes the coordination between his brain and his body.

But, illness, injury, and surgery is a shock to your system and any of these can affect the timing relationships between brain and body. So, as part of rehab from any of these conditions, you need to add some sessions with your timing coach to re-connect and fine-tune those brain to body relationships.

We make that easy to achieve, with packages of training sessions, which are what you need to get back on track.

I hope that the Vijay Singh timing training experience has been helpful in understanding what you can achieve with our online training program. You have the improvements in your sports performance, as well as ways to get back to your optimum performance levels when you need to rehab your timing and rhythm.

Thanks to the Vijay Singh Wikipedia page for the information about Vijay's performance over the years.